KINCOA, Korea Industry Convergence Association

Message from Chairman

01. The Need for Leadership in Industry Convergence
Nowadays major developed countries seek a breakthrough as they are building a new paradigm based on the convergence of industries, technologies, and services. In order to lead the flow of this age for industry convergence, Korea needs leadership in the private sector to generate new business fields as inter-industry exchange and convergence technology increases.

02. The Industry Convergence Promotion Act: First of its Kind!
Korea is the first country in the world to pass an Industry Convergence Promotion Act in order to grab the initiative and fast track convergence technology, thus leading in global convergence markets in the new era of convergence. The Act is meaningful as it handles the issue of industry convergence from the future-oriented viewpoints on the prospective megatrend. We have launched on the base of this Act. The Ministry of Knowledge Economy is responsible for coordinating convergence between industries.

03. Improving National Competitiveness through Close Collaboration between Competent Bodies
In order to support to accelerate industrial technologies and services, we will collect and analyze information and data through close cooperative exchanges among governmental agencies, member companies, research institutes, laboratories, and major overseas convergence institutions. We welcome suggestions for new policies to make such efforts more effective.

Also, the Association will do its best to bring together expertise globally to develop and commercialize cutting-edge convergence products, linking new technologies with new services. We imagine Korea as the “World’s Strongest Convergence Nation”.

We welcome your input and your support as we promote industry convergence and facilitate technology convergence among companies.

Thank you.

Choi Manbum / Chairman Korea Industry Convergence Association