KINCOA, Korea Industry Convergence Association

Purpose & History

“Leading the Stream of Industry Convergence Association”

Purpose Korea Industry Convergence Association

In an effort to fully realize the potential that Korea has to make full use of the emerging market for technology convergence, the merging of previously separate industrial fields, the application of technologies from one field in another field, and the convergence of larger markets and industry sectors, Korean industry established on October 15, 2010, the Korea Industry Convergence Association.

The convergence between technologies and industries will be the driving force of the economy in the 21st century. And this association represent all efforts in this respect among both major and medium sized firms. The association will serve to guide industry engaged in technology convergence and service convergence as part of an effort to make Korea a major center for convergence in the future.

  • To generate innovative technologies and new business fields through convergence of disparate technologies and encourage cooperation between industries.
  • To encourage creative management by expanding present values and innovation.
  • To increase national competitiveness by keeping up with needs and conditions of the 21st century

Brief History

2009’ History
March 04 Founding Meeting
Sep. ~ Dec. 20 Hearings from relevant agencies, institutions, research institutes and universities
2010‘ History
January to April 10 meetings with experts to discuss vision and direction
May 11 Hearings on the Industry Convergence Promotion Act
May 30 Discussion with Ministry of Knowledge Economy on the establishment of the Association
July 15 Unanimous appointment of Dr. Lee Sang Cheol, the CEO and Vice-chairman of LG U Plus, as the first Chairman
September 30 Industry Convergence Promotion Act approved by Cabinet Council
October 01 Industry Convergence Promotion Act submitted to the National Assembly
October 15 Founders’ Meeting and General Meeting of Establishment (KCCI Building)
October 20 Registration of the Association with Ministry of Knowledge Economy
October 27 Launching Ceremony
2011’ History
March 10 Pass the National Assembly of Industry Convergence Promotion Act
April 05 Promulgation of Industry Convergence Promotion Act
October 06 Enact an enforcement ordinance of Industry Convergence Promotion Act